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Values, Enterprise, People, 

Values, Enterprise, People, 

Values, Enterprise, People, 

Values, Enterprise, People, 

Values, Enterprise, People, 

Films and Industrial Rolls

We produce polyethylene film (PE) and work with both big and small enterprises. We also trade with the private sector. Every request is important to us. We care about people and the planet.
The materials used by Agro Folija are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.
In Agro Folija, beyond polyethylene film, we are specialised in the production of various size and colour pallet and big bag cover caps, as well as pallet covers and construction tarpaulins.
Our company is always evolving and together with our team of experts we have developed a product line for urban garbage collection and beyond: rolls of LDPE bags, flat LDPE bags, rolls of HDPE bags, providing various colours and sizes based on market demand, both private and industrial.

Pe granulate: flexibility and recycling

Agro Foljia is not only a manufacturing company, we also support the client with making an aware choice that takes them to maximum efficiency and, consequently, to saving resources. We firmly believe in supporting environmental protection: we place trust in recycling practices and we work from a zero-waste perspective.




Our consulting is a service dedicated to you, to us, and our planet: our technicians have over 10 years of experience and guarantee technical consulting aimed at configuring your product according to quality and savings.

We are certified ISO 9001, but this is not enough for us. We are working on data processing for second life plastic certification.

Doing ethical business, it is definitely possible.

Fast logistics, everywhere

We are based in Josipdol, Croatia, a strategically placed position that, thanks to the nearby highway access speeds up and optimises the logistics department. Product delivery is fast and low emission, easily taking your order to Italy and East Europe countries.